Roots Vibrations Band

Roots Vibrations is a musical force that provides authentic Caribbean music. Made up of members from the exotic islands of the Caribbean and the funky streets of Detroit, this band will stimulate your senses with positive roots music. Roots Vibration’s sound is uplifting and fun, and features creative and seasoned musicians who have a multigenerational and multinational appeal. They bring decades of experience and authenticity to the Reggae scene.

Roots Vibrations founder and lead singer Winfred J’s Julien, hailing from Dominica, West Indies, has been the driving force in the regional Caribbean and Reggae scene for more than three decades. He produced and performed on eight original CD’s and has worked with dozens of international, national, and local artists, including Calypso Rose, Burning Spear and Yellowman.

Roots Vibrations has delighted audiences throughout the U.S.and Canada with their unique blend of original and popular Caribbean music in Reggae, Zouk, Calypso, and Soca styles.Demand for the band has continually increased. Over hundreds of shows and constant practice and rehearsals, Julien and the band have honed their product into a real tight crowd-pleaser. He said, “My philosophy is ensuring a great performance by each member of the band. The show stays interesting by playing a mix of original and familiar music in a variety of Caribbean styles. The awards we receive and the response we get is because the audience is our focus. Each show is unique to the vibe of the audience and the diverse new material we incorporate.” Roots Vibrations’ music is always uplifting, educational, and rhythmically stimulating for people of all descriptions. Any time Roots Vibrations performs, it’s a good time.